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Send Midwest Your FTP/Control Panel Information

Your FTP/Control Panel/Website Admin Information

Use this secure form to provide FTP/Control Panel/Website Admin information for your website (as email is not secure).

Tip: If you have an IT Department, they might have this information. If you had a previous website developer, they might have it. You can check old emails or maybe you printed this information out when you first got it, so it might be along side other important information about your business or website.

Once when you complete updating a form listed below and submit it, you will see a check mark icon indicating that the form is updated. Please fill in as much as you can.

Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required.

    • FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol and we use this to login and see the files sitting on your web server. It's like Windows Explorer or Finder on a Mac.

      If you have FTP information, you can fill in this form fields or you can enter any information in the given secure message box. We will validate the information, and get back to you if we need anything from you.

    • The Hosting Control Panel is basically a control panel for everything to do with your hosting. If your website is database driven, then this control panel should have the tools we need to administrate your database. It also usually lets us create a new FTP user, so this is often all the information we need.

      Common names for hosting control panels are cPanel, Plesk, Webmin, DirectAdmin, H-Sphere, and Interworx. If you use your domain registrar for hosting (like GoDaddy), then the login for the Hosting Control Panel is probably the same login you use for your domain name.

    • This is the login to make changes to your website. Common software is WordPress, Joomla, Magento and others. We need to know where to login (the URL/web page address) and the username and password.

    • Send us a login to a website so we can help you.
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